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Belieni Lifestyle Photoshoot

WisdomTucker™ teamed up with celebrity photographer, Bobby Quilliard, to execute a swagger-rich photoshoot worthy of luxury sneaker-savant, Belieni. It was our mission to produce a series of images for Belieni’s catalog that showcased the flagship Belieni Calibre luxury sneakers dressed several different ways. Here were the specs:

  • Showcase Belieni Calibre Black and Calibre White sneakers dressed three (3) distinctly different ways:
    • Calibre in streetwear
    • Calibre on the Red Carpet
    • Calibre in athleisure
  • Tech scout urban environment and mark locations for different looks.
  • Size and shop for wardrobe for Belieni. Assist with styling and dressing.
  • Identify poses and looks for photographer.
  • Review spec shoot proofs for final selections.

This was a different sort of function for WisdomTucker™, but exciting and high-powered, all the same. Final selects will be featured in print and online.

Client: Belieni Campaign: Belieni Calibre Launch Skills: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Styling Visit Project: Http:// Sidekicks & Superheroes: B. Quilliard