Deconstructing a Manasseh

A Fine Art Commission Story

This whole setup is important.

I enlisted the talents of one of my favorite artists on Instagram, @manasseh_art, to help me recreate a moment from 20 years ago celebrating the unbreakable bond between 6 brothers from different mothers. They call themselves Ghosttown, and my life has been enriched by the positive effects each of these men has had on each other since before anyone ever met me.

We had a lot to celebrate— my SO’s official home-warming, a holiday, and his birthday, all converging at an event we called, The Bar & Art Warming. What a night! Friends and family, old and new, showed up with libations, art installations, and dope-ass records to help fill the Birthday Boy’s newly renovated Bronx flat with art…

But that Manasseh tho!!!

As an artist myself (I created the pieces behind the guys), it felt foreign to entrust such a special project to someone else, but freeing and exciting as well. Ever since I saw @kevinhart4real get his custom pieces from Manasseh, I knew I had to work with him. He did NOT disappoint.

You can connect with Manasseh on Instagram and purchase prints of some of his work from @fineartangels for yourself or a loved one. Here’s a sneak peek into the creative process.


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