Logo Design or Brand Mark Design Questionnaire

Looks like you need an amazing logo, mark or brand element designed for your organization or self, and you’ve come to us to bring it to life. This is where we shine! And we’re going to make sure you do too. Just go through our Logo Design or Brand Mark Design Questionnaire form and we’ll be able to take it from here!

Complete our logo design or brand mark design questionnaire below:

Some of the questions are required. Most of them aren’t, but the more thorough you are the better.

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Logo Style Examples


Corporate LogosCorporate logos are simple, bold and and tend to communicate strength. They don’t necessarily illustrate what a company does. They are basic trademarks that come to symbolize a company even if they start out as a somewhat arbitrary choice.

Text Only

Text Only LogosText-only logos are a challenge to keep unique because most fonts are so widely used. But it can provide a nice literary or legal look. Or if you want something more artistic, a handwritten or decorative font can provide a very unique alternative.


Historic LogosThese typically have a classic, rich feel to them and can stand the test of time.

Old World

Old World LogosOld World fonts lean more toward fun and beautiful. They can carry a luxury brand or convey a sense of timelessness and charm. 


Whimsical LogosWhimsical logos usually require more time and budget as they tend to be much more unique than any other type of logo. These are usually much more detailed and ornate than others and can have a young, clever air about them.


Artsy LogosThe challenge with illustrative logos is finding a balance between artistic complexity and the simplicity necessary for a memorable brand. We love these sorts of challenges and can help you convey your brand in a smart and recognizable way.