What They Say

Wisdom Tucker is one of the most intellectual creative minds I have encountered during my 11+ years in the advertising industry. She has the unbelievably uncanny ability to ALWAYS bring creative solutions to our client’s business problems. She leaves no stone unturned. Not only is she proficient, but she is always willing to go above and beyond her scope of duty to get the job done. She’s multi-talented – fully capable of copywriting, proofing, marketing campaign and program management, interactive design, special events – the list could go on and on (and believe me, it does). She is a true visionary and deftly talented at coming up with killer concepts for 360-degree integrated marketing programs. 

I most appreciate that Wisdom brings her “A” game to every assignment, regardless of its visibility. Wisdom is remarkably talented, intelligent, and driven to succeed. She is also a pleasure to work with and learn from. I would highly recommend working with Wisdom – I am proud to know her and have her on my team.

– Ronda J. Shepard
The Home Depot

myn-logoWisdom might very well be a digital dynamo. She possesses a strong design sense with a healthy dose of technological know-how that’s very difficult to find in one person. On countless occasions, she exhibited the uncanny ability to take ideas and concepts we’d developed and turn them into something beautiful. Something people actually wanted to interact with. And she did it fast, and with a great big smile. When it came time to forge ahead into uncharted territory, she embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. And it often resulted in some of our best work. While her work always exhibited significant technological prowess, it never got in the way of the brand, or the experience. But cleverly leveraged her talents to deliver the brand’s story in a unique and powerful way. It was a pleasure to work with her.

-Jeffrey White, Executive Creative Director
Myndshift Advertising & Communications

PSS Logo StickerWisdom, you truly standby every meaning of your name. I am still in awe. You are an angel…..you truly are. You some how managed to take my idea and turn it into words uncreated that I could not even begin explain. Every time I thought of an idea…you were already on top of it! I cant keep up! I really appreciate your work, time and effort you dedicate to my project…and my dream. Thank you sooo much!

– Alicia Twine
Pink Sugar Suite

bfra-swirlEyeCon Graffix, LLC and Wisdom Tucker have always been professional and promptly responsive to the needs of BFRA. Wisdom is a phenomenal design artist and is a great businessperson! She really knows her craft and is very creative! The work is always superior and the attention to detail is great!

I strongly recommend EyeCon Graffix, LLC and Wisdom Tucker to anyone out there who is in need of having great and visionary ideas come to fruition for all of your multi-media design, graphics, and editing needs!

– John F. Christmas, Esq.
Biofuels Racing Alliance 

courtcredIn this day and age, every business needs an online presence to solidify credibility. Wisdom Tucker of Eyecongraffix turned an imagination to reality by revamping Courtced.com’s website. Courtcred.com has received rave reviews from fans due to the facelift given by Eyecongraffix. The site has also increased traffic because of the intuitive layout design which  make it a seamless navigation process.  Wisdom Tucker knows how to understand a customer’s vision and enhance it.

– Corey C. Cooper, Founder

Divine-Cuisine-LogoI am totally in love with all of your ideas and your sense of excitement for my site. I love the vision you have for my brand.

– Kenya Johnson-Price, Master Chef
Divine Cuisine


– Eugena Washington, Owner
Don’t Touch My Hair by Eugena