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Khari Barbie Beauty Ethereal Photoshoot

Working with Khari Barbie Beauty is always a magical experience. What better way to express the sentiment than with an ethereal photoshoot with beautiful models slaying in an enchanted forest! We took inspiration from the elegant movements of ballerinas, the way fabric falls over a graceful form, and from the wonder and dreamy-nature of fairytales and nature. What an experience! From on-the-scene stitching to forestry decor to tribal braiding, this photoshoot was, by far, one of our favorites.

This is but a sneak peak. More will be revealed with the official launch.

Client: Khari Barbie Beauty Campaign: KBB Fall Launch Skills: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Styling Visit Project: Http:// Sidekicks & Superheroes: S. Garnett; D. Velasquez; L. Bates