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Moët & Chandon x NBA x Just Don • Extraordinary Moments

We Traveled to Paris, Épernay, and Back to Chicago to Document the Extraordinary Collaboration Between Moët & Chandon, the NBA, and Don C

Extraordinary moments don’t happen overnight. These moments are a compilation of smaller accomplishments that occur over time and lead to something special. Something rare. Something extraordinary.

In this concept, Don C shows his love for basketball and Moët while showcasing the Chicago community, celebrating his upcoming collection, and toasting his achievements with friends.

I traveled to Fashion Week in Paris, FR, then to Champagne Row in Épernay, and back to the West Loop in Chicago, IL to capture the extraordinary collaboration between Moët & Chandon, the Official Champagne of the NBA, and NBA Collection by Just Don.

Fusing NBA culture with the iconic heritage of the Moet & Chandon Maison, the collection features dynamic, reimagined designs of the brand’s Impérial Brut and Nectar Impérial Rosé bottles.

The fusion of sports and luxury is here now, and it’s here to stay. I am excited to bring together two worlds that mean so much to me, personally. –Don C, Founder of Just Don

“From the big championships to smaller life victories, and everything in between., Moët & Chandon encourages basketball fans and champagne-enthusiasts to celebrate every extraordinary moment.”

Client: Moët & Chandon Campaign: Extraordinary Moments Skills: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Content Creation, Product Design, Set Design, Photography, Editing, Sound Design, Talent, Scouting, Wardrobing Sidekicks & Superheroes: Isaac Yowman, Octavia Pride, Carlton Adams, Kenneth Dalrymple, Teneka King