3>2: A STARRY Story 30s TVC

A refreshing story of how Lem and Lime used simple math to revolutionize the game of basketball forever. STARRY HITS DIFFERENT™.

In its early days, basketball was a completely different sport than the one we watch (and love) today. But the game didn’t go from layups to flashy stepback threes by chance.

We created a film that tells the totally true story of how the NBA brought in Lem & Lime, basketball innovation experts willing to try anything to make the world’s greatest game even more exciting.

This unique :30s TVC launched the 3:33s film during Game 1 of the 2023 Finals and ran through the Finals games, where featured star, Jamal Murray, led his Denver Nuggets to their first-ever Championship win. Starring an all-star lineup of talent —Zion Williamson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Angel Reese, and the OG, Matt Barnes— 3>2 definitely shook up the scene and spoke to Gen Z in a new and creative way.

Client: STARRY® Campaign: 3>2: A STARRY® Story Skills: Creative Direction, Animation/Illustration, Art Direction, Copywriting, Set Design, Editing, Sound Design, Talent Scouting, Wardrobing Sidekicks & Superheroes: Octavia Pride, Sam Baliga, Carlton Adams III, Jay Zschunke